Agile leadersheep - English version is now available

This summer famous biologists have spotted our agile leadersheep all over the world, including the USA. We know that it is difficult for a Dutch sheep to survive abroad, so it would be fair to the herd if an English translation was written. And that is why we are proud to announce the publication of Agile Leadersheep. 

The book is now available and can be ordered at multiple online stores. If you buy it using this link than for every book € 1,50 will be donated to UNICEF. Children first, especially when reading a fairy tale. So don't hesitate and order the book now and you'll be reading it tomorrow. 

Hugo is a young ram, who lives in a beautiful herd on the heath. He has a nice shepherd and his dog will do anything to protect the sheep. Yet something is missing. Hugo believes things could be better. He does not want to ruminate for hours, be shaved every year and behave sheepishly. He wants to look for new opportunities and a way of working that will benefit the entire herd. When he gets the opportunity to visit the mouflons, he grabs it with both front hooves. There he discovers what it means to be a good leadersheep. But will this help when the herd is threatened by a pack of wolves and the shepherd is injured by the claw of a gigantic bear? It is the beginning of a great adventure that will teach you valuable lessons, no matter whether you are a sheep, a sheepdog or a shepherd.